On Net Fibra is the largest provider of neutral fiber optic connectivity services to the home FTTH in Colombia. Our open network allows telecommunications operators to provide the best performing fiber optic internet services in the country.

With more than 3.6 million homes passed with our FTTH fiber optic technology, On Net Fibra reaches 71 cities and is accessible to more than 10 million people. Our goal for 2024 is to reach 4.3 million homes passed with fiber optics in about 90 cities.

On Net Fibra allows telecommunications operators to offer the most advanced fiber optic connectivity service to the home in Colombia, with the highest speed, very high reliability, symmetry in the connection (equal upload and download speed) and lower latency.


At On Net Fibra Colombia we improve people's lives through fiber optics, bringing the most advanced technology in connectivity to everyone equally.


By 2025, we plan to consolidate ourselves as the main ally of companies providing connectivity services in the search for a better future for the country, contributing to the development of a more digital and connected environment for families and companies, and affirming our commitment to the interest groups according to our social responsibility framework.